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Tooled Leather Evening Totes


The Evening Tote

With the elegance of a beautiful one-of-a-kind hand crafted evening bag, and the casual design of a durable multifunctional tote, these bags fall in a class of their own.  Understated yet bold these totes are also enjoyed as art objects.  They're designed to become more than just a part of your wardrobe.  Enchanting with time, as leather has it's own story of age and character, each tote develops a history worth passing on for years to come.  All totes are signed and dated. Whether day or night the "Evening Tote" is simply unparalleled and very distinctive! A completely unique sense of style always by your side.

Each tote has a theme of it's own, a work of art that unfolds as it's created. "Refined and One of a Kind"


                        Ophiophagus hannah

King Cobra


Designed for the King Cobra Conservancy, these three totes will contribute to King Cobra research. Please visit the website to learn more. 

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                  Gavialis gangeticus


Heteroglaux blewitti

Forest Owlet

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